Review of the Shark Apex Duoclean zeroM vacuum cleaner

By StevenGadson

Shark’s Apex Duo Clean vacuum cleaners are large and can be placed upright to increase their power. It is the best upright vacuum cleaner because of the combination of Shark Apex Model and Shark Apex Duoclean ZeroM technologies.

Vacuuming becomes much easier when you can reach the bottom of your furniture or the stairs. Vacuuming is made easier by the detachable canister. Modern users love the Powered Lift-Away technology. Both the handle and the nozzle at the floor have LED lights. Shark Rotator’s Swivel steering system is responsible for the model’s maneuverability.

The dust bin can hold 1.5 quarts of dry quarts because it is empty-bottomed. Apex Duo Clean’s 11-inch cleaning path appears to offer more cleaning options.

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What is the Shark Apex Zero M’s price?

The duoclean and shark apex upright vacuum are $200 each, taking into account the quality aspect. You might get a temporary discount.

Who would purchase a Shark Apex Duoclean Zero -M

A majority of Dust-Away customers who purchased an attachment voted for a microfiber pads that are incorporated with the suction. Users have highlighted the cleaner’s ability pull out larger items by drawing up fine dust particles on its surface.

The shark apex Zerom is superior to Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator, and Shark Navigator. It’s very promising in terms build quality.

DuoClean Technology gives the Shark Apex Upright the ability to transform from high-pile rug to low-height flooring to hardwood. Each set includes a unique light marker, which is located below the force button. Turn the switch to the floor type beneath the force button, and then turn it off. The brush roll and delicate roller can be used to remove short and long hairs as well as pet hair from hardwood floors or rugs. Shark suggests this model to clean deep-clean covers. We think Shark is correct; we have tested it with high pile covers.

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Your floors will be clean with the double brush roll framework and attractions. The brush roll collects any trash and the attractions can empty it into the correct container.

Shark uses Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. All allergens can be contained until they are exhausted.

Elec Current Rises Controlled

Shark APEX upright models feature the Powered Lift-Away technology. This gives you a 2-in-1 plan. The upright vacuum can be used to clean floors. The Powered Liftaway can then be used to reach stairs or other difficult to reach areas.

The vacuum is 17.1 pounds in weight and is located in the heavy zone. The Lift-Away canister offers the necessary accommodation, without the need for an additional vacuum.

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Shark APEX vacuums will make any hair tangle-free experience a lot easier.


  • This prevents your hair from getting tangled up. It’s easy to remove the hair wraps without having to do it manually.
  • Excellent build quality. The components were made of high-quality plastic.
  • Shark Apex is able to hold all accessories, and allows for easy maneuverability.


  • Due to the multi-cleaning modes, there is some variation in the sound.
  • These bins can hold less debris and are easier to clean.

Shark Apex Duoclean Zero: The Benefits

Zero-M is an innovation by Shark APEX DuoClean that lives up to its name. This model is free of support costs.

  • Auto-cleaning the brush roll is possible. It will remove as much hair as it has received.
  • The HEPA channel already includes froth embedding. It is easy to wash and can be reused. Submerge it in water until it is clean. Let it dry completely before you reinstall.
  • Make sure you don’t make any mistakes while suctioning.

Guide to Buying and Using:

New cleaning heads are featured on the most recent vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner uses a new, revolutionary technology. The Zero-M feature ensures that there is no airborne wrapping on the brush roll.

Shark invented a vacuum that doesn’t require you to trim hair wraps. The dustbin can take out both short and long hairs. This removes the need to use scissors each time you clean your hair. You’re familiar with how frustrating it can be to remove human hair and pet hair from your brushes. Shark Zero-M vacuum cleaners solved this problem. While the Shark Zero-M vacuum cleaners aren’t the only ones to use this innovation, it is an improvement over the Shark vacuum cleaners. Here’s how it works.

The upgrade to the brush move includes a fiber monitor and a brush-like structure. The fiber monitor separates hair from vacuum’s debris and keeps it from the brush roll. The brush then removes the hair from the vacuum and places it in the pullway. The cycle goes on for as long the mechanized head remains in use.

The organization recommends that you vacuum the area for a while after you have finished cleaning. This will remove any visible hairs. This encourages innovation and allows you to remove hair strands from your own vacuum. Shark M-Zero vacuums are easy to use and can remove hair from rugs.

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Scores and Customer Reviews

Vine Voice

  • 4.0 stars from 5 stars

This upright vacuum is great with duoclean shark apex. It is unique and I love it. Once everything arrived, it was easy to put together. The manual was not even necessary to be read.


  • 5.0 stars

It’s really horrible! It made my old carpet look brand new. My home covers 3500 square feet. It covers almost half the carpet. It was empty three times. It would be covered more often by dirt, skin cells, and hair than debris and hair.

Courtney Maple

  • 3.0 stars

Sharp Apex was something that I used before I purchased it. Zero-M was not an option on the Sharp Apex. It’s the exact same problem as the first. They give me the feeling of being heavy duty when I hold them. It was easy to pack everything into the box.

What makes the DuoClean system so efficient

Shark DuoClean N803 offers great value. The table also gets a lot from it. DuoClean’s soft roller and bristle brushes make it more efficient at collecting dirt. This system is ideal for large quantities of dirt and fine dust particles.

It is easy to empty the dustcup

Once you’ve finished emptying the shark apex zero m of its contents press the release button. Flip the tab at the top of the canister and hold the cup over the trash can. This will allow the collection to be emptied from the bottom.

It is good for steering.

This swivelhead is of excellent quality. This makes it easy to guide the cleaning head of the machine near appliances and furniture. If you need to separate the cleaning heads, you can use the Lift-Away part. The brush move is automated so you won’t have to worry about losing cleaning power. Each model comes standard with a 30-foot power cord, which should be sufficient for most homes.