Sunflower Photography: Workshop

Tips & Tricks to Capture These Magical Flowers

Flowers are fleeting. Sunflowers can be magical. Sunflower Photography are able to turn their heads and bask in the golden sunshine.

Vincent Van Gogh, a famous Post-Impressionist painter, was so fascinated by these flowers that he created 12 sunflower canvases in the late 1880s. He wrote to his brother Theo that he had claimed the sunflower was his. It stands for the sun,” he continued, “The sun cannot make the world shine without souls to feel its light.”

One hundred years later, sunflower photography puns still fascinate many artists, whether they are photographers, watercolorists or painters. Here are some tips and tricks for landscape and nature photographers to help you capture these beautiful flowers.


Sunflower Photography Outdoor Action: Dress up

Make sure you check the weather conditions and terrain. Boots or sneakers are good options for footwear as sunflower photography fields can be muddy. A wide-brimmed hat is a good option to protect against sunburn if it’s hot and sunny. You can also opt for long pants or long sleeves shirts. Remember to apply sunscreen and insect repellent!

Sunflower Photography Get your gear

Landscape bella baby photography is best done with a DSLR camera. For sunflower photography, you will need both a macro and wide-angle lens. A small, fold-up reflector is a good option to direct light towards the flowers. A tripod can also be used to take photos of single flowers or entire fields of flowers.

  • Go Low

Place your camera so that your background is the blue skies, and your camera should be below the flowers. For low shots, a wide-angle lens is the best choice. It is possible to lay down in the middle or the sunflower chocolates photography field to shoot straight up. A small tarp, or piece of plastic, can help protect you from the mud.

  • Try Backlighting

To capture some backlight, place yourself in front your sunflower photography . This is especially effective at the golden hour, which we discussed earlier. The sun will make your images glow and highlight the most striking parts of the flowers.

Keep the Flowers As You Found Them

You are their visitor. It is like an invitation to a party of sunflower brand photography. Take your photos, and make sure you leave the flowers where they are. Many places have been overcrowded by thousands of photographers squashing the sunflowers.

Bogle Seeds, Hamilton, Ontario, became national news after more than 7,000 people visited their sunflower farm in one day. The Bogle Family had to close their sunflower farm after they trampled and picked the flowers and left trash all over the place.



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