Thermal Lined Curtains: Warm up and Save Energy

By StevenGadson

Natural light is an important selling point for most homes. However, the same windows that brighten up your living area can also contribute to heat loss and comfort during winter and fall. These issues can be solved quickly and easily by thermal curtains. The experts at deconovo, Neighborly, are happy to help you update your window coverings for both immediate and long-term relief.

The science behind thermal lined curtains

Physics has taught us that heat rises and cool water sinks. Inefficient windows or leaky windows can lead to an inexorable cycle of heat loss and discomfort. The heated air that passes through your windows is cooled, and then sinks to the ground where it is heated again by the air surrounding it. This cycle is a waste of valuable resources and reduces the ambient temperature.

The thermal lined curtains provide a barrier between the curtain and the windows. The liner and curtain create a warm pocket of air that acts as an insulation between the window and your living space. This increases your heating system’s efficiency.

How to Install Thermal Curtains

  • You can install a thermal layer in your curtains within an hour using only a few materials
  • Measure tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Thermal fabric
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Fusible tape

1. Take down your curtains before you buy the thermal material.

2. Cut the thermal material to the size of the curtain panels. Leave a border of one-half inches along each edge.

3. The curtain should be placed on an ironing board, with the window facing up. Iron the fusible tape along its top following the instructions on the package. Continue this process on the right and left sides of the panel. Leave the fusible tape paper in place.

4. Place the curtain on a table or on the floor. Then, carefully secure the liner with tape.

5. After the liner has been pinned, take off the fusible paper and return to your ironing board. Use the heat setting recommended to press the iron along edges of the liner to attach the fabric to tape.

Thermal curtains have many benefits

You can reap many benefits, whether you choose to buy new thermal-lined curtains for your windows or replace existing ones with a thermal liner.

  • Reduced heat transfer from the indoors to the outdoors all year.
  • Noise dampening.
  • Comfortable and more comfortable with less drafts
  • Room darkening properties.
  • Heat loss reductions up to 65 percent depending on the quality and efficiency of the windows.
  • Keep the curtains from getting damaged by sunlight.

Tip for Installing Thermal Curtains

These tips will help you maximize your investment and comfort when installing your thermal curtains.

You can take advantage of the sunlight during daylight hours by leaving your curtains open and using sheers to provide privacy.

For fullness, measure curtains so they are one-half to three times as wide as the window.

Curtains can be hung several inches higher than the window’s top and far above the level of the sill to increase thermal properties.

Use magnets or Velcro to ensure that the curtains fit tightly into the window frame.