Top Plumbing Tips

By StevenGadson

For most people, plumbing is not a problem. It’s not something we spend much time worrying about or thinking about. It can stop working or become a problem.

It is not fun to fix emergency plumbing problems. We have compiled this list of top plumbing tips to help you avoid some of your most annoying plumbing problems.

Oil the Drain
People talk about how food is eaten to get a “grease coat” or to fill up. When you dump grease and oil down the toilet, you get the same effect as when you eat greasy foods.

It will start to build up grease and oil. It won’t be obvious at first, but you will soon realize that it is there. However, grease and oil slowly clogs your pipes and can cause serious plumbing problems.

Use a Strainer
Clogs are a common problem in plumbing. If it is a sink or shower drain, it can get clogged due to hair and soap residue.

A basket strainer is all you need to avoid the icky. It will save you time and make it easier to do the right thing in the future.

Take a look at what you flush
There are some things that need to be flushed, and others that shouldn’t be flushed. We are pretty certain you understand our meaning.

You could endanger your health by flushing other things than toilet paper or bodily waste down the toilet.

Find out where your main water valve is located
Although plumbing is not something you should actively learn about, it is essential to know where your main water supply valve is located and what to do in the event of an emergency.

Turning off the main water valve in your home will reduce damage and allow us to get to you if pipes burst. You’ll spend a lot time searching for it, while your home suffers water damage.

Check that your main sewer drain is accessible
Although your plumbing may not be visible, it is vital that your main sewer drain remains free of obstructions. Because a blocked sewage line can cause delays and hinder our ability to move efficiently and quickly.

The drain access point must be visible (no rugs or carpeting), and should be easy to reach – there shouldn’t be any holiday decorations or old toys to contend.

Stop your plumbing from freezing
Although temperatures can be fine in summer, they will drop once winter arrives. Your plumbing is at greater risk of freezing if temperatures drop to a certain point.

We can offer you the best plumbing advice: Make sure your home has at least 16 degrees Celsius air circulation. To avoid any potential disasters, you should insulate as many outside plumbing lines as you can.

Use natural drain cleaners instead
When it comes to your plumbing’s health and well-being, chemical drain cleaners can be a disaster. They are often marketed as being quick-acting, but can cause more harm over the long term.