What should you do with a dead tree in your yard?

The arrival of fall means that the leaves on your trees will likely start to drop. This is normal, as most trees lose their leaves during fall. But do you know if your trees appear healthy? Are you able to tell if a tree is dead, and thereby a danger to your family or property? If you’re facing extensive damages to your yard and home because of fallen trees or branches (either your own or those of your neighbors), you can depend on GO NOW AAA Tree Service. We won’t just help you take care of cleaning up, removing hazardous or fallen trees or assist with emergency tarp installations.

Neighborly can help you if you don’t know what to look for. Knowing what you are looking for makes it easy to identify dead trees. This blog will provide you with all the information necessary to determine when it is time to take down a dead or living tree and how to do it yourself.

Before you continue reading, check if your tree has died or is currently in decline. Maybe your tree can be resurrected! Continue reading to find out what to do with a fallen tree in your yard.


You need to act quickly if you feel your tree must be removed. Seek out an expert opinion and confirm that the tree needs to be taken down. Then, move on to the next step as quickly as possible. A tree that is unstable and could fall can pose a danger to your safety and home.


Yes! Yes, if your tree is dead 100% of the time. It is important to arrange to have it taken down as soon as possible. Mature trees can be large and heavy. A single oak post can weigh up to 4,400 pounds. This means that if the tree falls on its own it can cause a lot of damage, or 2.2 tons.

If your tree falls and damages your home by itself, you will likely have to cover the cost yourself. If the tree was not removed before a storm, many homeowners insurance policies don’t cover it.

Let’s sum it all: If your tree is dying, you must reduce the risk of it becoming an accident.

If you aren’t sure if your tree is still alive, consult a certified arborist to inspect it and give you a diagnosis. While a tree may appear dead to you, a certified arborist may be able to identify a problem that is easy to fix.


You must remove the tree if it falls and causes damage to your home, other objects nearby, or people.

If the tree is not in direct sunlight, you might try decorating or painting it. We recommend removing some of the branches that aren’t needed for decoration.


We wish we could! Because every tree is unique, it’s impossible to predict how long a tree will survive before it falls. It could take days or years.

Sometimes trees can even fall in storms, even though they appear to be healthy. This is because they are unpredictable! It’s best to get rid of your dead tree as soon possible. You don’t need to worry about whether the next storm will cause your tree to be uprooted or broken. It’s better to be safe than sorry.



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