Ziptoss Going Contactless: Rental Service Upgrade

By StevenGadson

When looking for a place to live in, like apartments in Seoul, people would usually go to the location to talk to the homeowner or landlord. Now that there is currently a pandemic and most people prefer to stay at home. How can future tenants search for listings in Seoul without leaving home? Ziptoss now provides a contactless rental service. To avoid having contact during the pandemic, we made a way for you to find your future home during times where traveling would be difficult.

The contactless rental service process 

Can I rent a house in Korea through Ziptoss without leaving my house? Now, you can! Ziptoss provides online services for those who don’t want to leave their homes and even for those who are currently not in South Korea. You can easily find listings with proper photos and even sign contracts on the Ziptoss website.

How to look for listings on the website or app of Ziptoss:

  1. Go to the website or app. 
  • Mobile phone: You can Install the Ziptoss app first and select your preferred language(If you choose English, it will redirect you to the website of Ziptoss).
  • Website: Copy the URL: to the browser to open Ziptoss’ website in English.

Click “Rental Listings” to search for listings according to your preference and select 2-3 of the listings you like the most.

  1. Contact customer service 

There is a “Support” button on the lower right corner of Ziptoss’ website, you can ask for assistance if you are looking for something specific(such as apartments with a balcony, or a list of apartments near universities, etc.). You can also ask for more details about the apartment/s that you’ve chosen from the listings.

  1. Current videos or photos. 

Ask for a live video or photos of the apartment in real-time for you to see if the photos in the listings match.

  1. Confirmation of the rental. 

Confirm the contract by approving the photos or video and choose the apartment you want to stay in.

  1. Payment process. 

Payments can be sent by online transfer(for the security deposit, rent payments, etc.) to secure the lease of your apartment.

This sudden pandemic has been tough for some of us. With the situation of staying overseas because of travel bans, business professionals and international students have a hard time coping with their current situations.

Ziptoss agents often receive messages such as:

“The house is about to expire and I want to transfer to another place, but I don’t want to walk around often because of the pandemic.” 

” I don’t want to stay in an isolation center for a long time. I want to look for an apartment because I don’t have a place to stay and I can’t leave the isolation center yet.” 

“I can’t come back to the apartment, can you help me deal with this situation?”

We sign contracts while following the proper protocols with protection(masks, gloves, etc.). To better help everyone through difficult times, we solve the issues of renting homes, for tenants and homeowners. Ziptoss is improving more upgrades of virtual viewing-related services to make it easier for you to choose an apartment, so stay tuned for more updates!