10 Ingenious Ideas You Didn’t Know Existed

You don’t need to know everything about inventions, because there are many funny ones that will require your love.

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Inventions don’t have to solve the core problems humanity faces like electricity, refrigerating and plowing. Sometimes it’s all about the little things that make up our everyday lives.

Some of these inventions are very funny, so we decided to compile a list with the top 9 most hilarious inventions you didn’t know existed.

Let’s get started without further delay.

  1. Peek-A-Boo Umbrella

We have all been in situations where the rain is so strong that you can’t see any of your surroundings.

This issue isn’t anything extraordinary, but a guy created an umbrella with a hole in the plastic that lets you see where you are going.

Imagine the look on people’s faces as they approach a pair eyes.

  1. LED Slippers

It is very inconvenient to wake up at night to get water or go to the toilet. Your brain is unable to function when you grab your screaming newborn for the millionth times.

This problem is made worse by the fact we don’t want the lights to be on because it will wake us up more. It makes it difficult to fall asleep.

To solve the problem, an inventor came up with LED slippers. These are some of the most bizarre and funny things you’ve ever seen.

It reminds me of those old LED sneakers I wore in middle school, which lit up whenever I took a step. The LED is now located on the front side of the slippers. This effectively illuminates your way.

  1. Toaster with See-Through

This one is hilarious. Are you familiar with situations where your toast keeps burning? We have. However, one inventor found it difficult to make his toast so he decided that he would solve the problem.

Although we don’t know who invents the see-through toaster, or if it existed before our research, it appears that the one that did is the last to laugh.

You can see the toast being made with this toaster. You can reduce the timer so you don’t go crazy. It’s funny but also quite genius.

  1. Pet Umbrella

It seems inventors view pet issues in the same way that we do.

The invention of the pet umbrella is a clear example. We know the frustration faced by dog owners when taking their dogs out in the rain.

Dogs will need to be bathed if we aren’t careful. The pet umbrella was designed to solve this problem.

This clever and hilarious invention actually doubles as a leash for dogs. It also has an umbrella at its end, which protects your dog from the rain.

If you happen to have a humorous invention that solves a human problem, please visit InventHelp to get more information and assistance with your creations.

  1. Ping Pong Door

Although ping pong tables don’t require much space, they can be arranged in a way that allows for two players to play.

Although pingpong can be a lot of fun with friends, it is not practical due to space constraints.

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Some frat boys thought of a way to combine the two. The door can be installed the same as any other door, but it can also be bent horizontally to make it a ping-pong table.

This is a brilliant invention. It’s also quite amusing to see how average men solve problems.

  1. GPS Shoes

Although we couldn’t understand why anyone would wear them, GPS shoes are the latest bizarre creations that allow you to track the wearer’s location.

To make these shoes work, you would need to wear them out and take them with you. We figured that no one would want to wear a pair of these shoes since the shoe’s front has a GPS signal. This will basically result in the wearer asking questions.

Your girlfriend may give you shoes as a gift and claim they are a present. However, it is a crazy device that tracks your location.

  1. Pen caps for knife, spoon, and fork

A pen cap that resembles a knife, fork, or spoon is a great example of absurd inventions.

Imagine you can use your pen to eat food by adding one of these caps to it. We laugh at the very thought of it, which is why we decided to add it to our list.

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  1. Fork Cutter Pizza

A fork cutter might be a question you ask. A fork cutter is a tool that cuts through your pizza.

How? How can a fork slice a pizza? What’s the point of a fork to cut pizza? There are so many questions, but not enough answers.

A fork cutter to cut pizza is a fork with a pizza cutter on it. You can then use your fork to pick up your pizza.

This ingenious invention will make any Italian roll in his grave and curse you for eternity.

  1. Toilet paper dispenser for families

We’ve all been there. Although being part of a larger family is fun, it can be a chore when it comes time to use the toilet paper.

It’s not that we would run out, but that we would need to replenish while we use the toilet. There’s nothing worse than standing up to use the toilet while trying to grab a new roll of toilet paper.

One man’s nightmares were so severe that he invented a device that could hold multiple rolls of toilet paper. The invention is named the Family-Sized Toiler Paper dispenser.

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  1. Furniture to make love

Yes, it is true! These unique pieces of furniture have become increasingly popular in recent years. These furniture can be customized in many ways to make your love life more enjoyable.



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