Ready to Sell Your House Fast? Take a Look at Your Options

Saying to yourself, “I just want to sell the house, fast!” You’re not alone. Fortunately, for those looking for a fast home sale, you have plenty of options today. While there was once just a single way to sell your home, today you have many different ways to sell. Take a look at the choices to consider.

The Traditional Route

if the housing market is hot and your home is in decent shape, the traditional route is a good way to sell your house fast. Lately, the housing market has been amazing, and home prices just keep going up, but that likely won’t always be true. While this can be a fairly fast way to sell your home, from the time the initial offer is made until the day of completion can take between two and six months, and there are lots of different potential pitfalls along the way. Typically the buyer will have to sell his or her own home, and then they may have to work to get a mortgage on their new purchase, too, so there is a chance that what initially seemed like a quick sale isn’t going to end up being so quick. Moreover, you can expect to pay an estate agent’s commission fee of between two and six percent on your overall profits, so that can cut into the money you actually make on your home.

For Sale By Owner

Another option you can take is to actually sell your home on your own without the help of an estate agent. This isn’t quite as quick as working with an estate agent, but it follows a similar process. You’ll need to find a buyer, work through the conveyancing process, then hand over the keys. It, too, can take between two and six months to get through the process, but you won’t end up paying the estate agent fees at the end of the process. 

Auction sale

Another option to sell a home fast is through an auction. This is a great option for sellers whose home is not in tip-top shape and needs extensive repair or renovations. Loan approval for these homes is difficult; hence an auction remains the best bet. The bidders at an auction are usually builders and investors who will spend the extra money to fix the home and rent it out or sell it on the open market. However, auctions also come with many fees and the value of your home is in the hands of the bidder. Finally, all homes sold at an auction are legally binding- meaning that the bidder cannot suddenly drop out when the auction is over. This ensures that the seller will get his money but there is also a chance that no one will bid on the home. It’s fast, but you will have to pay the auction fees.

Work with a National Cash Buying Company

The fastest way to sell a house is with a home buying company that pays cash. Today, several cash buying companies can sell a house fast; in most cases, the home can be sold in a matter of days. This is much faster than the traditional method of selling a home with the use of an estate agent. These companies are not all equal but one universal feature is that they do buy the home for cash and complete the transaction within 10-14 days. Since you’ll never have to deal with a property chain or even the chance that a mortgage won’t go through, it’s a relatively low risk process, too.

Maybe the best part of working with a company like this is that there are no hidden fees. You don’t have to pay an estate agent, you won’t have to worry about the fees for the home survey or even the conveyancing solicitor. Instead, the company handles all of that.

Most homeowners worry that if they work with a quick sale company, they’ll get an offer way below market value for the home. In reality, though, a reputable quick home sale company will offer you 75-80 percent of the open market value of your home. While you may think that this is slightly low, remember the company will pay for your home inspection and solicitor fees. In addition, there are no commission fees and you will not have to spend money renovating or repairing the home; the home is bought as is- which can save you a ton of money.

Making the Choice That’s Right for You

If you want to sell a house fast, going with a cash-buying company is still the best option. They offer a quick and hassle-free way of purchasing a home; the key is to find a reputable company that has your interests at heart. Start by going online and reading about cash-buying companies; the more you know about these companies, the more likely it is that you will be able to make an informed decision.



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