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By StevenGadson

It doesn’t matter if you have an extremely hard-working air conditioner system or a less-frequently-used heater, it is important to ensure that your home comfort systems work in a Bayonet Plumbing efficient manner. No one wants to pay too much for comfort. Our team can help you heat or cool your home more efficiently and affordably. We’re not going to recommend that you buy a new system.

Simple HVAC Efficiency Tips – Emphasize on the “Simple

Schedule routine maintenance

This is a common advice that we will continue to repeat, but it is worth repeating. Routine HVAC maintenance will be the best thing you can do to your air conditioner and heating systems. Your HVAC system will perform at its best when it is maintained by a qualified professional every year or bi-annually in the case of heat pumps.

Routine maintenance increases efficiency and helps keep your system running as smoothly as possible. Routine maintenance is something you cannot afford to ignore, especially when you consider the small cost of routine maintenance. Make sure you check out our MVP maintenance club!

It may be possible to calculate the payroll expenses a company has submitted on their PPP application using the PPP eligibility formula (see details below). Bayonet Plumbing, Heating and Air-Conditioning, Inc must estimate their 2019 payroll expenses to be at least $23.1M to be eligible for the PPP loan amount.

A gas heater is a great way to heat a home when the temperature drops. A bayonet fitting is required in order to properly install a gas heater. Because it is so easy to hook up your gas heater, Sydney homeowners need to be aware of the bayonet gas fitting.

Gladesville Plumbing is licensed to be gas fitters in Sydney. We will provide you with information and tips on how to use this type of fitting in your home.

What is a Bayonet Plumbing gas fitting and how do you use it?

A bayonet gas fitting attaches to a wall or floor in your home. This allows for the connection of a gas appliance.

Two parts make up the Bayonet Plumbing. The male fitting attaches to the end gas appliance hose, while the female fitting attaches to the floor or wall. To lock the gas supply, push the male fitting into the female fitting clockwise.

To disconnect the hose, push the end into the bayonet and then twist anti-clockwise to release the male fitting. For a good connection, the fitting must be handled carefully.