How to Review a Translation?

By StevenGadson

The linguist factor is the premier factor in determining how well your business will do in a foreign market. You must build a strategy to communicate with the new customers to create a multinational brand. Therefore, new readers must understand the content instead of looking confused about product and service use.

Linguistic translations can become complicated. Therefore, reviewing the translation will make the content more cohesive rather than an afterthought.

Reviewing the source language

The main assessment parameter is reviewing the content before forwarding it to the editing department. It may halt the translation process. However, the revisions returned by the client will undoubtedly increase costs. Following are a few factors to consider.

Idioms/ phrases

During English to Turkish translation, converting idioms and humour to another language can be tricky. The translator must carefully assess cultural sayings to prevent complicating the text. Therefore, they must revise or rewrite expressions to convey successful contextual meaning without causing offence. Otherwise, the text will begin opposing the subject matter instead of staying parallel to it.


Assuming the document contains images and graphics. In that case, the translator must assess their relevancy. The infographics must align with location and other factors such as numerals, text, and symbols. The imagery needs revising if it is too generic.

Translation type

While some content may satisfy a simple translation, others require a factual-based translation. The content must provoke the readers to act rather than simply reading. The concept is relatively common in marketing and advertisement documents. Therefore, the translators can ask the clients about their expectations regarding the literature. Furthermore, the clients can highlight the text within content that requires in-depth translation to make it easy for the linguist.

Vocal tense

The translator must also understand the type of content in the translation. There must be a consistent tonal voice while adhering to client guidelines. However, the review must ensure the content applies to numerous markets to attract a broader customer base. While doing so, the translator must successfully translate the brand’s mission statement, style, and other aspects to build its presence as a globally recognised brand.

Glossary use

Developing glossaries and dictionaries as you translate different projects is crucial in maintaining English to Turkish translation quality. The tools ensure consistency in content assessment and understanding while improving transliteration skills. This is specifically helpful in industry-specific translation or technical documents. The translator simply matches the phrase to the dictionary and proceeds forward with the translation.

Clients are encouraged to work closely with Kings of Translation. We insist that the clients share their objectives and target customers to successfully deliver the message. The conversion may seem intimidating, but an accomplished linguist is not afraid of the challenge. The translator works closely with the client and our in-house team throughout the logistical process for the perfect English to Turkish translation.

At Kings of Translation, we strategise client requirements against translations. The content is prepared in a metalinguistic capacity to facilitate the clients with their global translations. Our translators are also welcoming to employing client feedback in the translation.

Localised review

While working on translations, it is vital to localise translations for successful marketing use. It is a crucial component of business globalisation strategy. It will smoothen the translation process and adds value to the content.

The review accounts for understanding the target market for maximum engagement. The translator carefully assesses the cultural attribute to align the subject matter with its audience. The conclusive comments finish with a call to action based on transcreation and copywriting knowledge. It prevents overcomplicating the translation each time language-specific terms are used.

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