Winter Is Coming! It’s the perfect time to store your outdoor furniture made of wicker

Winter Is Coming! It’s the perfect time to store your outdoor furniture made of wicker


Your outdoor wicker furniture is more durable if not being used long or in the cold winter. This will prevent any normal wear and tear. Your outdoor wicker furniture was made for outdoor use. It is a good idea to give Home Improvement your furniture a little more attention every year to maintain its appeal and endurance. It is recommended to store your wicker furniture in a dry area away from sunlight. This can potentially pay off by extending the life of your furniture wicker by years.

Wicker Furniture Components

Outdoor wicker furniture is created with elements that are able to be used in any weather. The resin is resistant to brittle and fade and metal frames that are resistant to corrosion. But, nothing lasts forever. Therefore, having an thorough knowledge of resin wicker can aid you in preserving your furniture.

  • Resin Wicker Components
  • Resin wicker is composed of three components.
  • Resin Cane
  • Metal Frame
  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Resin Is Susceptible

The composition of every one of these components determines how long they will last. The resin is the most crucial component. Today’s resins are good however, they are still susceptible to a few issues:

It is composed of a variety of resin components that gives it strength and durability.

The ultraviolet Rays (UV) of the sun that can cause degradation of the resin unless enhanced by inhibitors.

Temperature varies can cause shrinkage and expansion of the resin.

Storage Help

Resin will break down faster and more easily when the mixture of resin ingredients is poor, as it occurs with lower-quality resins. These are typically described as “cheap wicker sets.” When compared to better resins, cheap wicker sets degrade more quickly than sets made from higher quality resins. There isn’t much you can do to stop this, not even storage will prevent the degradation over a long period of time.

Prevent any degradation of the quality of your resin wicker by storing it away from direct UV radiation in a moderate temperature. It is recommended to keep your furniture inside, where the risk of shrinkage due to extreme cold conditions is reduced drastically. You can also store your furniture made of wicker inside to lessen the chances of cracks or pull-outs. This is due to the length of the cane was insufficient to withstand shrinking.


Always store cushions in a dry, dark, cool place, away from mice and pests. This will reduce fading and damage from animals.

It is best to store your cushions and furniture in an attached basement or garage. It is possible to store your furniture in a garage that is attached or basement, but it is recommended to protect it with a sturdy covering like a tarp.

Cleansing your furniture and safely storing it in the winter months ensures that when spring arrives the furniture will be ready to return to the outdoors for enjoyment as soon as.



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