The reasons why Wicker Furniture Stands Up To The Pressures of Time and isn’t Just A Mode

By StevenGadson

The reasons why Wicker Furniture Stands Up To The Pressures of Time and isn’t Just A Mode


It’s hard to imagine an era when wicker has not been a large part of our lives. Wicker is used from the beginning to make baskets, furniture, or other decor items. People have admired the ease of use as well as the warmth and beauty of wicker products. The style hasn’t changed significantly over the years. People still look to find items made of wicker that make the space feel cozy and elegant, while also benefitting from light, strong furniture that is simple to move and that is able to be replaced from time to time to extend its useful life and keep up with the latest design requirements.

The history of Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture was used thousands of years ago and is still being used to this day. It’s interesting that it’s among the most popular types of handmade furniture. Wicker furniture is handmade unlike most furniture designs. One exception, if you can call it that, is the metal frames that are used to create modern-day resin wicker. Machine tools are used to bend and weld frames. This is similar to how natural wicker furniture is bent by rattan poles. But, they are constructed by hand, not by the use of a machine.

At first, natural wicker was used to create furniture using organic materials. Nowadays, man-made resins are taking the place of natural fibers and are used to create outdoor furniture that is weatherproof.

Classical Designs

Since the very early days of history, the wicker designs have not changed. Classical designs were basic in nature. Weavers were artists that showed their talent by making furniture with twists, curves gorgeous woven swirls and love knots that distinguished the work of one craftsman distinct from another. There were simple designs, and there were intricate pieces of art.

Modern Designs of Today

The latest designs are more fashionable to meet the demands of modern outdoor spaces and homes. Furniture should be stylish, last a long while and be functional. Resin wicker furniture is gaining the lead and is now beginning to replace the traditional market for wicker of yesteryear. The new resins are strong, easy-to-maintain, and clean. This is a change from the days of. Flat wicker is a popular choice, because it has a distinct appearance than the conventional round cane. Even thick cane had gained a new level of popularity with gorgeous hand-made designs that attract old-timers as well as young adults. Although new patterns have evolved but many of the classic designs are still in use today and are sought-after by many traditionalists.

The price

Wicker products were inexpensive and were even considered “cheap” at times. Wicker has evolved into a high-end, handmade product and therefore the demand for it is higher than ever before. People want to make sure they purchase good quality, but also reasonable. You will be happy when you purchase a top-quality product, regardless of its kind.

When you shop, make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. There are many ways in which advertising can deceive you. Be sure to read through and ask questions.

One store might sell the same sofa at $200 less than another. The two sofas look similar on first sight. However, if you examine it deeper and you realize that the cushions from the one store are inferior as they use less desirable fabrics for cushions, the cushions are two inches thinner than those of the other, and the material inside the cushions for seats is 100 100% Dacron rather than Urea foam. The less expensive set will wear out sooner and will have to replace at a higher cost than if you spent money on the higher quality set from the beginning.

Another factor that can influence the cost is where the product is produced. Wicker produced in America is typically higher priced than those made in the other countries. Pieces produced in the USA tend to be of high quality. If this is a matter of importance to you, then consider shopping for products made in the USA.

The Trend

Using natural or synthetic Wicker furniture remains a common and desirable option to decorate the interior of your home as well as your porch or even your patio. People still prefer handmade, high-quality items and the appearance of handwoven furniture made of wicker. There’s no reason to think that the current trend of people seeking out and decorating their houses with wicker is going to change anytime soon.