Outdoor Replacement Cushions

By StevenGadson

Outdoor Replacement Cushions

You’re not the only one considering purchasing replacement outdoor cushions for furniture on patios online. They will eventually get worn out and look ugly or do not offer the comfort they once had. If you discover that your cushions on your furniture fit into the same category, then you too are on the lookout for and buy new cushions for your outdoor space.

This article will show you how to order and buy cushions for your patio that are made to order and high-end or cost-effective. It can also make you feel secure and last for a long time.

Check your cushions

It is a good idea to look over your furniture and cushions prior to you start replacing cushions or purchasing new ones.

It is important to plan the steps you’ll take to ensure that you can have all the cushions you require. For the first step, grab a notebook and a piece of paper.

Begin by sketching out the furniture pieces you own and leave plenty of space between them to record notes. There’s a chance that you’ll end up with a few sheets of paper. It’s not more sheets of paper than you think.

The outline should include every furniture piece. Start with the first furniture item listed and then write down the number of how many pieces of furniture that you own. If you own two deep seating seats, add the number 2 to the description Deep Seating Chairs. This will ensure that you get the correct amount of cushions when everything is assembled. Under the title of each furniture piece, you’ll write down the information you’ll need to recognize as we go through the process to ensure you don’t overlook any vital specifics.

For each piece of furniture, you’ll identify all the specifics needed to make sure you include all the particulars related to the furniture and the desired cushions.

Identifying Outdoor Replacement Cushion Shape

Sets of outdoor furniture tend to share the same shape cushions. Sets can have rectangular seats as well as rectangular-shaped back cushions, all with square corners. Some cushions may have squared-off corners at the front and rounded corners in the back.

Some furniture isn’t compatible. Many people mix and mix and match styles. Additionally, not all collections have the same design. Surprisingly, your outdoor cushions on your patio can get lost while you walk from your home to your computer.

So, under every furniture type note down the form of the cushions. Draw a precise sketch of the design of the cushions. Photograph your furniture and cushions using your cell phone so that you have them to reference quickly.

Replacement Cushion Type

There are two methods to create cushions. To make filled or cushion tufted, the most common and most cost-effective method to create them is making them. They are constructed with the outer fabric, which is made of polyester fiber as well as similar fillers. They’re sometimes referred to as forgiving cushions, as they do not need to match the furniture’s shape perfectly. The unique design of tufted cushions because it comes with its own set of curves, which set it apart from other formal foam cushions.

Foam filled cushions are the second expensive kind. Foam cushions are firmer and more rigid than cushion that is filled. Foam cushions possess a distinct shape that provides them with a more formal and elegant appearance.

Furniture with seating that is thick are typically filled with back cushions and foam seat cushions. Tufted seat cushions are more suitable for more informal sets. However, those who prefer a more firm and luxurious feel will opt to go for foam seat cushions in lieu of the tufted cushions.

This is where you will need to determine the type of cushion that you wish to apply to every furniture piece.

Measurement Cushions to measure the size

The old saying that size matters also is applicable to outdoor furniture cushions. As you wouldn’t like the ring on your figure or the shoe on your foot to be too big or too small, you would not want cushions for your patio furniture to be too loose or too bound up. You don’t want your cushions to look bad and they ought to not be uncomfortable. Make sure you measure the correct size.

Most cushions are basically rectangular, with a few adjustments in shape that are made in order to match the shape you identified above. So your cushions will be one width and one depth measurement, unless you have something truly unique that you’ll need to alter for in your documentation.

It is acceptable to measure old cushions to determine your measurements for a new outdoor cushion if you believe that the previous cushions are already sized correctly. It is necessary to measure your furniture if you don’t have any existing cushions in good enough in good condition to be measured.

If you’re measuring the cushion, measure width-wise from center from center left to right then depth-wise center-to-center from front to back. Note the measurements of the length and the depth.

For rectangular shaped cushions that have square corners you take the width of the frame from left to right, right to center, and the depth from the front to back, from center to the center.

If you have rectangular-shaped seats cushions, it is best to determine the length and width of the frames.

For seats with the back corners that are rounded, when you’re not measuring the cushions but are measuring furniture, you will want to determine the dimensions of the frame between the point where the arm rests meet the seat, and also the depth from the center of the seat forward to back.

The above measurements are applicable only for tufted cushions or single cushions made of foam for chairs. If you’re measuring a sofa or loveseat to measure foam cushions, you will need divide the overall width by three or two to determine the width of each individual foam seat cushion, a love seat or sofa. Most cushion manufacturers do not want to make foam seats that are wider than one seat because the cushions for each seat should function independently for each person sitting.

A foam seat cushion that is in multiple positions can result in problems with the frame lifting or other unwelcome movements.

Back cushions should be bought with care. If you’re measuring an old cushion you’re probably in good condition if the cushion fits properly and is able to be slid over the seat cushion installed. The seat cushion is known as the back cushion. If you’re measuring back pillows ensure that you measure the frame, not the cushion. That is If you are measuring the back frame of the furniture, subtract the width of the cushion will be sitting on in order to determine the height of the back cushion.

In general most back cushions will conform to the size of seat cushions, which means you’ll probably want the back cushion to be similar to the seat cushion. It’s not necessary build it to the same size, but you can make it whatever size you like.

Document the sizes you have determined for each cushion you have on each type of furniture.

Find out if you require ties

To prevent cushions from shifting too far from their intended place of placement, ties are utilized. Ties are employed to prevent the seat and back cushions from moving excessively.

It is odd that you should not depend on ties to hold seat cushions in place while you sit on them. Adjust the way you sit on the chair to stop your cushion from sliding off the chair frame. Ties are not made of iron, and neither is the cushion fabric that they are connected to. The continual stretching and pulling can cause the area in which the ties are bonded to the cushion to get weaker and break.

The people who are using chaise lounge chairs love to tie the cushions. The reason is that gravity causes the cushion and it to fall down. One thing to be aware of is the pressure placed on the ties can cause damage.

For chairs with arms like love seats or sofas, ties aren’t needed for cushions. If you own an armless chair or bench for instance, it’s best to put on tie-downs if you place your cushions on furniture when you aren’t using it for long periods of time. If you don’t have ties, it is likely that they will be scattered across your property or lying on the ground.

Choose where to put tie ties, if you intend to use tie-ups. Most seat cushions don’t need more than two ties at the back two corners , and perhaps a third tie in the center of the back if the loveseat or sofa are long. It’s entirely your choice, so don’t be obligated to go with convention. It’s best for tie ties to be put on the cushion as close as possible to the spot you’d like to tie them.

Choosing Fabric for Replacement Cushions

It is probable that deciding and deciding on the final outdoor replacement cushion fabric, or set of cushions, is the most challenging part of the entire process. Use only highest quality outdoor materials for replacement cushions for furniture. The reason for this is that the better the material the longer it will last It will also look and feel nice.

When choosing fabrics, you should consider the color of the furniture’s finish as well as your outdoor decor. Based on your preference to work with solids, patterns or stripes or a combination of the two, you could provide a beautiful accent to your decor or have you furniture become the center point you wish people to look at.

There are numerous floral designs that can be used in any decor thanks to the variety of all-weather spun polyester fabrics. They are great fabrics to look at but they come with one downfall, over time they will get faded after prolonged exposure to sunlight. If properly taken care of they can be extended in lifespan by limiting the amount of sun they are exposed to. It’s the sun’s ultraviolet rays that degrade the colors as time passes. They are able to be extended by covering them by covering them with furniture or by bringing them in when they are not being used for long durations.

If you’re not averse with taking cushions inside or covering them constantly If so, an acrylic-like Sunbrella(r) fabric is the one for you. Sunbrella fabric is a top of the art solution-dyed fabric that is able to hold its strength longer than most fabric. As with all-weather fabrics, its soft cotton-like feel is a great alternative for outdoor replacement cushions. It may not offer the same floral options as other fabrics, but it is worth looking into particularly if a high-quality material is important to you.