Tanjiro Kamado:

By StevenGadson


Tanjiro Kamado, a young boy with average height and a muscular, athletic physique is Tanjiro Kamado. His dark hair is ruffled and burgundy with burgundy tips. He also has large, deep red eyes that are lit by white pupils. A scar is also visible on his forehead at the top left. It was first noticed when his mother took him to see his father performing the Hinokami Kagura Dance. It looked like a graze at first, but it became a flame-like pattern after his fight with The Hand Demon in the Final Selection. His rigorous training under Sakonji Urochaki has made his hands appear rougher than normal for his age. rhome real estate is very similar to Sumiyoshi. He has the same facial structure, eyes and hairstyle. Sumiyoshi had a longer hair, approximately shoulder-length, and would tie his hair in a ponytail behind him.

Tanjiro Kamado first appears wearing a checkered, black-and-sea-foam-green haori over a white robe and black pants. Sometimes, he is seen wearing a turquoise scarf. He also has white bands around his calves. A pair of distinctive hanafuda earrings with an image of the rising Sun over a mountain are also worn by him. He also keeps his hair in a small ponytail or bun. As he trains with Sabito, Makomo, his hair grows up to his shoulders.

Tanjiro Kamado, who is almost identical to Sakonji, wears a blue, cloudy-patterned, jinbei-styled, kimono with black pants during the Final Selection. His hanafuda earrings are still on his head, but his hair has been cut very short. napa home and garden, like the other apprentices who were trained under Sakonji wears a hand-carved Fox mask that his master made. It is on his left side. The mask features red accents around the eyes, ears and corners of the mouth. The scar on his forehead is likely represented by the sun-shaped design in the upper right corner.

Tanjiro, who is now a Demon Slayer wears the standard Demon Slayer outfit. It includes a dark-brown, long-sleeved, button-down jacket, baggy pants with tabi socks and a pair zori with red straps. He also has a pair zori that have red straps. A couple of white bands wrap around his calves, looking a lot like Kyahan. All of this is under his checkered haori. A large wooden box, which was given to him by Sakonji Urokodaki, is on his back. It’s where his sister sleeps during their day-to-day travels.

His right eye is injected in the Infinity Castle during his second encounter with Muzan. As battle progresses home shopping malls collapses suddenly and the poison Muzan inflicted upon him forms a large mass around his right eye. Later, Tanjiro is described by Muzan as looking “repulsive” when he wakes up. Later, Muzan cuts Tanjiro’s left limb.

Tanjiro Kamado, after being transformed by Muzan into a demon, is able heal his facial growth as well as regenerate the arm of his arm and other minor injuries. After overcoming his weakness to sunlight, he is able to create eyes with slit pupils and fangs, as well as flame-shaped marks on his right forehead and right jaw. The flame-pattern, which is now a permanent Demon Slayer Mark, is longer and more prominent. All three marks point vaguely towards his nose but only his scar-mark actually reaches it. His blood-stained corps uniform is still on his body, with one sleeve missing from his arm. However, he has lost his checkered haori as well as the Nichirin Sword at each hip.

Tanjiro Kamado, who has returned to human form, loses the ability of seeing from his right eye. The iris is now dull pink-gray and the pupil is black, rather than the original white. As a Demon, his left arm now looks like an older person’s. He loses feeling below the elbow, as well as the ability to move it down from his forearm.



Warm, yet solemn smile of Tanjiro Kamado Tanjiro is a kind person by nature. He has been described as being very compassionate and having gentle eyes. He is determined and never gives up on a goal he sets. His relentless pursuit of Nezuko’s cure is the best example. Tanjiro Kamado can be quite strong on his own but isn’t afraid to ask for help from others when he needs. He is protective of his family, especially his younger sister. However, despite his understanding and kind nature, Tanjiro has a limit on his tolerance. He easily gets annoyed by Zenitsu’s constant whining and is angered at Inosuke’s barbaric acts.

Tanjiro is very direct and honest. He listens to everyone with sincerity, and takes everything seriously. Tengen Uzui claimed he was a god. He asked him what region he was the god of. His honesty is not compatible with his lying, and he has a hard time telling the truth. Tanjiro Kamado, who grew up in rural Japan, has never lived in urban areas. He was astonished at the bright lights that surrounded the cities during his Asakusa- and Yoshiwara missions. He believed that the Mugen train was the land’s guardian spirit, and, like Inosuke he doesn’t know what a red light district is.

Tanjiro is friendly and kind, but he has a growing fire inside him that is filled with anger and vengeance. When Tanjiro confronts Muzan, this side of him is ready to grab his sword and attack him. Tanjiro Kamado reveals his frustration when Muzan flees and declares that he will kill Muzan. Tanjiro’s anger is more evident than even Inosuke when the Mother Spider Demon’s threads snapped the necks of the Demon Slayers captured on Natagumo Mountain. After seeing Daki’s disgust at her actions of killing three people randomly with her sashes and smirking, he raged and confronted her. This is Tanjiro’s side. He compared himself to a natural catastrophe in Muzan’s speech. Tanjiro calls Muzan “a being which should not exist” and responds accordingly. In the face of irrational good. Tanjiro displays a colder and more terrifying side to him, which leads to him being more violent towards his enemies.

Tanjiro is known for his empathy with everyone, even demons. This makes him hesitate before delivering his final blow. Nezuko Kamado believes that evil people should be executed without mercy but that those who regret their actions should be honored after their death. This unique belief was probably influenced by his sister. As he gains more experience, Tanjiro becomes more precise and calculating in his decisions. He is a strong protector of the weak and will face his enemies with dignity and respect, good or evil. Tanjiro is determined to serve justice to the wicked by all means. He even declared to cut off heads of demons who had committed terrible crimes, and confronted them about their inhumane mentality and criminal deeds.

Tanjiro, a demon, appeared mindless like many people who transform after their transformation. He behaved like a wild beast and attacked anyone in his path without hesitation. His friends and comrades weren’t safe. Nezuko was the exception. He refused to hurt her even though he had tasted her blood, which could indicate that he was trying to fight his transformation. He might have also been affected by Muzan’s desire for all Demon Slayers to be killed. This could explain his hostility toward the Demon Slayers.

Abilities Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro’s exceptional combat prowess combined with his extraordinary physical attributes allowed him to defeat Rui, a member the Twelve Kizuki.

Overall Abilities: Tanjiro has been shown from the beginning to be a formidable fighter with a strong natural aptitude in combat, particularly in swordsmanship. Already from the beginning, Tanjiro was shown to possess superhuman abilities, such as extraordinary senses, an enhanced sense of smell, great willpower, and a tremendous intellect. His naturally acquired abilities allow him to outsmart Giyu Tomioka (one of the most powerful Demon Slayers) and almost land a fatal blow with only his intense emotions.

After learning Water Breathing, and the Final Selection, Tanjiro was able to defeat many low-level demons by himself. His combat prowess as well as his intellectual abilities allowed him to adapt to his opponent and win. He was able to overcome the inexplicable Blood Demon Arts and fight styles of decently skilled demons like the Swamp Demons, Yahaba and Susamaru. Even though he was still the lowest rank of the organization, Tanjiro was able to hold his own against demons sharing the powers of the Twelve Kizuki. Later, he held his own against Rui, Lower Rog Five. He almost defeated the Lower Rank demon after recalling the Hinokami Kagura he had learned from his father when he was a child. This feat was something many thought only a Hashira could accomplish, one of the strongest swordsmen in all of the Demon Slayer Corps.