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Cashmere Nicole Opens Up Beauty Bakerie UK

The Beauty Bakerie UK industry is experiencing a resurgence as innovative indie brands emerge. These companies are capturing the imaginations and hearts of makeup enthusiasts. It can be challenging to stand out in a market that is flooded with new players. Beauty Bakerie, a black-owned cosmetics business founded by Cashmere Nicole has managed to stand out in the crowd.

It has big-name YouTube vloggers Tati Westbrook and Jackie Aina among its followers. Celebrities can’t stop watching the company from California. Beyonce and Kehlani  were early supporters. Not to mention that Cardi B was seen wearing one of the brand’s Matte Lip Whips, Tres Jolie, a bright magenta colour, earlier in the year. Beauty Bakerie was started by Nicole as a passion for the beauty exchange Bakerie UK project while she was fighting breast cancer. It was her first attempt at expressing her artistic passions. It was fun at the same time. Nicole tells Allure that she thought “I’ll start my own makeup brand and have fun.” After going through breast cancer treatment, it was too late.

Nicole was diagnosed in 2010 and began a life-altering journey to improve her health. She changed her diet and what she used on her body. She began Beauty Bakerie UK to investigate the ingredients in cosmetics. She was shocked by the results and decided to make a non-toxic, budge proof lipstick formula. It would be able to withstand eating, talking, and other facial movements. She recalls that she needed a product that was not absorbent all day. It should sit on her lips and be easily removed when it’s time.

Her tireless efforts led to the most popular product in the line: Lip Whip. This lipstick is smudge-proof and long-lasting, so it could last through any apocalypse. It has been a driving force behind the brand’s success and a favourite in the beauty community due to its durability. Nicole’s sweet tooth inspired the name Beauty Bakerie UK. “I can remember going to Miami with some friends and seeing this gourmet cupcake store. She recalls that she thought it was adorable. She settled on Beauty Bakerie a few weeks later.


My goal is to ensure that I have every voice at the Table

The company was founded with an ethos that values genuine diversity. This is before mainstream beauty industry discussions about inclusion became commonplace. Nicole is passionate about creating products that are accessible black beauty grass seed Bakerie UK to people from all walks of life, especially those with special beauty needs. She says, “My goal in life is to ensure that I have the opportunity to hear all voices.” This means that in practice, it means that she has to think, design, and manufacture products that appeal to all skin types. Nicole was inspired by Nicole’s daughter who is darker and struggles to find flattering makeup. Nicole says, “I thought to myself, ‘Let’s make sure she has the products she needs and my skin tones so she doesn’t feel discouraged, left out, or self-conscious.'”

Leaders of brands need to recognize who isn’t getting their needs met. It doesn’t really matter how small it seems to you.


The palette has been sold several times since its release and has been highly praised by many black women on social media. Nicole gushes, “The response to Coffee & Cocoa was incredible.” It’s crucial for leaders of brands beauty school Bakerie UK to recognize those whose needs are not being met. It doesn’t really matter how small the need seems to you. Even if one product sells, it’s still a real need.” Nicole also wants to diversify the beauty industry. The brand’s first product for skin was the Cake Face Concealer, which was launched in January. The colors come in eight shades and are equally split between light and dark Beauty Bakerie UK complexions. It’s refreshing to see an independent brand, rather than a large number of brands that have been releasing concealers in the same beige range as before, creating something for everyone.

Beauty Bakerie plans to expand the range for those who are struggling to find their match. Nicole is steadfast in her determination to master this line. Soon after the launch of the new concealer, Nicole took to social media to ask reddit beauty guru Bakerie UK customers for their feedback via the Beauty Bakerie Summit Page. Nicole is a firm believer in listening to everyone. Her call to action was part of a larger plan to address all concerns. “Everyone’s voice matters. She tells Allure that it is important to get to know every culture possible.



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