Here are some must-follow tips for starting a house renovation

Do you know that you want to remodel your home but aren’t sure where to begin? You’re not the only one. Many homeowners start planning their home renovations without knowing what to expect. It is only when they have to deal with the consequences of their mistakes that they realize they didn’t have a plan. The home renovation process can be frustrating without planning. Unlike building a new home, you don’t start with a blank canvas. The process can become complicated due to unexpected expenses or issues. XMX London Provides clients with a one-stop solution for House renovations all their building needs. With its headquarters in Central London, we’re always striving to set new standards in design, comfort and luxury by introducing new designs. Before you start to navigate the maze of renovations, here are seven things that you need to know.

Invest in a Key Lockbox

A key lockbox is a great investment if you are renovating your home and plan to move out. If you have a lot of projects that you are unable to do by yourself, you will need to hire a contractor. Contractors start early so don’t drive in rush hour traffic to allow workers to enter your home. Instead, attach a lockbox to your door or install smart hardware that allows guests to access the house with a code. This can save you hours, fuel and painstaking early morning wake-up calls.

Spend time in the Space

It is important to delay making decisions about paint colors, carpets, or light fixtures until you have spent time in the room you are renovating. If you are looking to replace old carpet, there can be a lot of choices. Are they made of loose or dense fibers? Are you looking for a pattern or a striation? Which shade of gray is best? These answers will depend on other aspects of renovations, such as choosing paint colors.

Be realistic about your time

Renovations will take longer than you expected. Be prepared and make adjustments to avoid disappointment. You might believe that replacing a whirlpool bathtub and a double vanity in the bathroom is easy. While removing the old fixtures may only take a few minutes, it can take several weeks to locate a tub or vanity that you love. They may take up to two more weeks to arrive.

Expect the unexpected

Every home holds secrets, whether they are in the walls or under the floors. These secrets can be revealed through renovation.

Your contractor might tell you that your floors are uneven because of a shifting center joist when measuring for your new hardwood floors. The home inspector missed it so you will need to get the floor joist fixed before you can install the new flooring. This is one example of an unanticipated event. You should plan for extra time and add money to your renovation budget in order to cover for unexpected mishaps.

Interview multiple contractors

It is worth speaking with multiple contractors to compare their bids. Let’s say you need your water heater taken out of an upstairs closet. A new water heater should be installed in your garage. You may get a quote from the first plumber that you call. He might charge $6,000 to reroute hot water lines and cut into your living room ceiling tray ceiling. It may be too much work for the second plumber. Three plumbers plan to complete the job in one day, charge $3,285 and have no need for water line rerouting.

Be specific about design ideas

Before meeting with an interior designer, narrow down your design preferences. You can find inspiration by browsing interior decorating magazines, websites and television shows. You will avoid being influenced by a designer’s ideas and visions for your renovation.



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