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Sadia, who is suffering from an acne breakout that has disrupted Faiza Beauty Cream her wedding plans, makes her first dermatologist visit. She is waiting for her turn at Saddar’s skin hospital. Every morning, I feel shocked when I look in the mirror. She says, “My pimples are worsening and I am too afraid to think about my wedding scheduled for next week.”

Faiza Beauty Cream could Cause

The doctor confirmed that the breakout was caused by prolonged use of a “Faiza Beauty Cream” “I was shocked that the Faiza beauty supply warehouse Cream could cause this. Sadaf, 25, is in a similar situation. Her skin is plagued by acne and patchy rashes. She says that although she doesn’t know what caused her face to become so red, the doctor insists it was the Faiza Beauty Cream she had been using for the past two years.

“My pimples are worsening and I’m too afraid to think about my wedding scheduled for next week.” These are not isolated cases, according to conversations with dermatologists from the city’s public sector hospitals. Many female patients present at the hospital complaining of excessive hair growth, pigmentation, skin atrophy (thinning), photosensitivity, and acne breakouts.

“The type of acne they have, and the detailed history of their cases suggest that they have used some sort of topical steroids-based Faiza beauty exchange Cream,” Dr Humaira Talat (a senior dermatologist at Civil Hospital Karachi) says.

She said that although these products are often purchased on the market, there are patients who have reported skin damage after visiting a beauty salon.

Faiza Beauty Cream are Being

  • She says that women who go for whitening facials don’t know what type of Faiza Beauty Cream are being used on their faces at beauty salons.
  • At the Sindh Institute of Skin Diseases, Saddar, Dr Mahwish Noorani examines 5-12 such cases per day at her outpatient clinic for over 200 patients.

She believes that steroid-based fairness/whitening/bleaching creams may also contain harmful metals. “All fairness Faiza clarins beauty flash balm Cream on the market must be scientifically analyzed and any that contain steroids or other harmful ingredients should be banned. As a doctor, it is very distressing to see young women ruining their skin for their quest to be fair.

She explains how steroids affect skin by saying, “The affected area turns red with prolonged use [from 4 weeks onwards if a concentrated steroid is used]. Itchy, scaly bumps or pustules may appear. Sometimes, there may be enlarged blood vessels. When the topical steroids are stopped, the skin may become sensitive to any application.

High Costs

  • Doctors say that patients who include men pay more for the use of topical steroids. The cost of treating their skin damage is high, and the scarring left by pimples can be permanent.
  • “The skin is resistant to treatment and can take a while to heal. Dr Noorani says that sometimes the skin pigmentation can last a lifetime.
  • She said that patients were advised to stop using the cream immediately, to avoid sun exposure, and to use good quality sunblock as well as medicines to treat their acne.
  • She said that topical steroids were misused all over the country, and that there was a need to establish a regulatory system to prevent them from being sold.
  • An unwarranted cosmetic application of topical corticosteroids, with or without fairness creams, was a common occurrence in facial dermatoses. This can lead to steroidal dermatitis that resembles rosacea.
  • 76% of the 200 patients who used these Faiza Beauty Cream were female, and 24% were male.


According to research, the majority of patients were from the lower-income urban population. More than 30 percent of patients used topical corticosteroids, 50 percent used them with fairness Faiza Beauty Cream, and 34 percent used them alone.

The research cited other local studies, including one from the World Health Organisation. It found that these Faiza Beauty Cream (names in the study) contained very high mercury levels and there was no warning on the label or leaflet.

It stated that another study had revealed lead, cadmium and copper in the soil Dr Zahra Yaqeen (head of the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Karachi) expressed similar concerns. She noted that many readily available fairness/whitening products had been tested at the facility and were found with high levels of mercury and corticosteroids.

Mercury, ascorbic acid, hydroquinone and tretinoin are some other ingredients in skin lightening/fairness products. Side-effects can be dangerous and some should be avoided [steroids or mercury] in cosmetics. However, other ingredients can be safely used under medical supervision.

Mercury is absorbed into the body, causing damage to brain, kidneys, and reproductive system. Corticosteroids are also harmful to the skin, but they can make it thinner. Dr Shazia Yasmeen, senior scientist at the PCSIR Centre, points out that corticosteroids should only be prescribed by a doctor.

Mohammad Khalid Siddiq, director general of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), stated that they had changed standards for cosmetics after receiving complaints about skin-lightening products.

“A request was made to the ministry for science and technology to add cosmetics to the technical regulation list. He states that once the request is approved, the authority can begin to check their sale on the market.”

The revised PSQCA standards state that corticosteroids and heavy metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and hydroquinone should not be used in cosmetic raw materials.

Masarrat Misbah (a seasoned beautician who shared her experiences with the PSQCA regarding fairness Faiza Beauty Cream issues) said that she learned about these creams after seeing the side effects on burn victims.

“I was shocked to look at their faces. “Their skin condition had worsened,” she stated, emphasizing the need to raise public awareness about the issue.

“The fact that Faiza Beauty Cream containing mercury are also harmful to reproductive health should alarm parents and girls.

She says that aside from the cost of treatment, the emotional trauma that girls experience after using these Faiza beauty and beast quotes Cream is severe and can affect their entire family. This suggests that girls eat healthy foods and believe in positive thinking to make their skin glow.